Focus on people, not paper.

Made in Luxembourg, myHR is an HR management software for companies of all sizes and usable on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Ready in minutes without any installation. Import of your existing data, secure and GDPR compliant storage. Simple management of time offs, absences, training, expense reports, benefits and the planning of your employees.

Much more than just an HR software

  • Employee Self-Service

    Whether updating personal information, requesting time off, accessing documents, updating their planning or clocking in and out - your employees have easy access to their processes via the myHR self-service.

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  • Time Off Manager

    Effortlessly record, calculate, benchmark and report on employee sickness and holiday absences in your business.

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  • Expense Manager

    Manage all receipts and expense submissions from your employees in one place and and create, validate, or refuse them in just a click.

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  • Activity Tracking

    Easily keep track of any kind of information that is important to your business. Contracts sold per year? Pens used per day? Miles driven per month? You name it!

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  • HRIS Database

    Managing employee records and information has never been easier. From standard categories like personal and pay info to as much custom data as you want. Everything in one secure HRIS database.

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  • Secure Vault

    Securely store and share documents and files across the organisation. Improve company communication, manage documents efficiently, and keep up-to-date with compliance.

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  • Work Time Tracking

    Let employees clock in and out or enter their hours right in their account. Timesheets are always easily available for approvals or edits. No hoops to jump through means fewer forgotten entries and zero lost data.

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  • Assets Manager

    Track asset moves from employee to employee or from employee back into your central pool and keep a history of which asset was used when and by whom.

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Made with love in Luxembourg. Call us at +352 27 72 03 09 for more information or a demo.
Human Resources Software
No Installation Required

No need to buy expensive hardware or maintain any software. Simply open the myHR software in any web browser on any device.

No Training Required

Designed with our users in mind, every single feature has been created to be useful, clever and easy to use. Get started within minutes! No training required.

Suitable for teleworking

Take your human resources software with you. Be it on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer, access the software wherever you go, and wherever you are.

Fully Customizable

Customize the platform and adapt it to your corporate identity and individual needs (language, colors, logo, currency, timezone, custom fields...).