HRIS Database

Also known as the HR database, the personnel database brings together all the information about your company's members in one place.

Keep your employees' information up-to-date and secure. Manage your employees from any device with an Internet connection.

Employee HRIS Database

With myHR, tracking employee records and information has never been easier. From standard categories like personal and pay info to as much custom data as you want, you can manage all of your key data in one secure HRIS database. This data can be added to, revised, or otherwise manipulated when needed.

Data Management

Keep your employee's information such as addresses, phone numbers, emails or banking details up-to-date. Easily remove or archive the data when the employee leaves the company.

Data Import

To help you getting started, we can import your existing employee data into myHR. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Data Safeguard

All information is kept a state-of-the-art security environment and backed up automatically. Deleted entries are moved to an internal trashbox and can be recovered with a single click.

100% compliant with all US & EU data protection laws

With myHR, your data enjoys the protection of the most stringent data protection laws. We are dedicated to protecting your personal data against unauthorized usage and we are fully compliant with all US/EU data protection laws - including the GDPR.

Employee Profile
Keep your employees' information such as their names, addresses, banking details, phone numbers, emails or emergency contacts always up-to-date.
Job Information
Save and keep a history of all career changes of your employees such as their job positions, compensations and earned bonuses.
Contacts & Dependents
Record the contacts details of persons that need to be informed in case of an emergency or accident and dependants that rely on an employee.
Personal Notes
Record notes like per example performance and conduct notes concerning each employee and share them with other managers.
Keep track of skills and qualifications like languages, licences, the education history or complete work experience of every employee.
Custom Fields
Easily remove default fields that you do not need or add custom fields to store any kind of information that is important to your business.
myHR makes it easy to manage your employees and keeps their data secure.